Justine Fisher (Principal)

Justine Fisher is the Director and Principal of Fisher Legal with more than 25 years of experience as a Barrister and Solicitor, practicing exclusively in Criminal Defence, traffic and confiscation matters.

Justine has a Bachelor of Jurisprudence and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Australia. She was admitted as a practitioner to the Supreme Court of Western Australia in 1989. Upon being admitted Justine began practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law.

For over 25 years Justine has been committed to providing a compassionate and professional criminal defence service to her clients.  With a strong interest in social justice she provides empathetic legal representation with a view to guiding clients through the legal system in an efficient and economical way. Justine's wealth of legal and negotiating experience assists clients in their pursuit for a just, fair and reasonable outcome. 

Justine regularly appears in all courts including the Children's, Magistrates, District and Supreme Court of Western Australia. She is an experienced trial advocate having represented clients in the most serious of matters including Murder, Importation of commercial quantities of drugs and child sex offences. She has an excellent track record and her loyal clientele is indicative of the care and compassion she has continually demonstrated over the 25 years.

Justine is an active member of the Criminal Lawyers Association of Western Australia.