Our dedicated team of criminal defence barristers and solicitors provide a wide range of services within a broad context of criminal, restraining order and traffic law matters in Perth and throughout the state of Western Australia. We also provide legal advice in relation to police arrests, search warrants, interviews and other criminal procedure processes.

Representation at Trial 

We represent both adults and children in the Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts of Western Australia as well the Court of Appeal and the Coroners Court.

Direction Hearings

Direction hearings are often required prior to trial. These hearings involve legal arguments regarding particular aspects of the trial. Some of the issues that may be argued include the admissibility of propensity evidence, admissions and other evidence as well as severance application. These hearings affect what evidence will be lead against you at trial and therefore it is important your legal team is on top of your brief and the related legal principles applicable to the application. At Fisher Legal you will have a team of experienced lawyers preparing and representing your at these hearings.


Obtaining the best results for our clients is our primary objective and this often requires skilled and persistent negotiation with the police and/or state prosecutors. Negotiations can involve having charges dismissed or amended or may involve changes to the alleged facts against you. The individual needs of each client vary and therefore at Fisher Legal we often engage and consult with senior counsel, private investigators and external forensic experts when necessary. Our in-house expertise may alleviate the need to consult external experts therefore saving you money.

Bail Applications

Many clients are often arrested and refused bail by police. This sudden loss of liberty is stressful and confronting. Our priority with all clients in this situation is to work quickly and efficiently to regain their freedom. Applications for bail in the first instance are vitally important and every effort must be made to achieve a successful result on the first occasion as subsequent bail applications are more difficult. Where bail is refused we can apply to the Supreme Court to have the matter reconsidered. Our team of solicitors at Fisher Legal have a wealth of experience in this particular area of the judicial procedure as they conduct bail applications and variations nearly every day.

Warning: If you are on bail for a serious offence (schedule II) and you are charged with a further serious offence, you will not be granted bail unless you can show exceptional circumstances.