Traffic Matters

Many traffic offences are considered a criminal offence that may be punishable by imprisonment, and/or a fine, and/or a loss of your privilege to drive. If you have been charged with:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol,
  • Reckless driving, Dangerous driving, Careless driving,
  • Speeding offences
  • Driving on a suspended, disqualified or cancelled license,
  • Dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm or death,
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident,
  • Failing to stop when called upon, high speed pursuits
  • Failing to give name and address or identify driver

or any other traffic offence contact one of our criminal defence lawyers at Fisher Legal.

In the unfortunate event you have lost your licence we can help you apply for and obtain an extraordinary drivers licence. If obtaining an extraordinary licence means the difference between maintaining your employment and livelihood then we recommend any application is done by one of our solicitors.